June 4, 2010

What happened to Tahnlu?

UPDATE 7/11/12: And now this post.
UPDATE 12/26/11: See this post for details.

Evidently, according to Tom, I'm stuck in the 90's. I contend that I'm stuck in the early 2000's.

On a whim, I went to check out Tahnlu's website at www.tahnlu.com. This redirects to www.tahnlu-entertainment.com which then redirects to www.project-tsy.com. Had one gone to this website a year ago or so, one would have seen a splash page with an undead priest from WoW with the words "coming soon", indicating that he was working on some kind of machinima project. Instead, he seems to have abandoned this to make music.

I'm downloading a few of his mixes now to see how they are. Still, it's kind of sad that he doesn't have an "old stuff" part of his website where we can see his old EQ movies. For those, you can check them out here. (Link is dead) Look under the "Macromedia Flash EQ Section"; Tahnlu's movies are mixed in with a few others. I'm not gonna lie, they bring back some memories.

I miss those days.


  1. I'm still around. I did those animations when I was a teenager, just for fun. To be honest, I've dug around on all my old Hard Drives, looking for the original files. I could not find them anywhere at all.

    I was going to create something for WoW, but, Real Life got the better of me. 10 hour work days 6 days a week. I barely have time to mix my music (My true passion)

    However, With SWTOR on the horizon, I have something on my drawing board that I'm working on. So, don't give up hope just yet.

    -Tsy (Tahnlu)

  2. Oh, wow. I didn't even notice that you had commented. It is an honor, sir.

    But yes, I was a huge fan of your website back during the days when I played EQ pretty heavily. Between the movies and the music chanels you were streaming, I spent quite a bit of time there.
    I've actually been enjoying those new mixes, and I certainly look forward to whatever you've been cooking up.

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  4. I dont know if it's allowed or if you still look for those vids but here's a link to noobie beggers on youtube:


  5. TAHNLU!!! OMG I've been looking for you forever. It's Ama :)


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